Curious Memories...

“a disorientation which oscillates uneasily between bliss and vertigo” – Wire

“Curious Memories will definitely surprise, enthral and confuse you in equal measures. It’s the work of a man with no obvious musical agenda other than to seemingly make something truly different and original.” – Subba Cultcha

“As he veers between twisted muzak and haunted country, punctuated by swathes of ambient sound and enormous cymbal and gong crashes, nothing seems out of place, although the whole experience is wonderfully surreal. 'Curious Memories' is a voyage of discovery. Enjoy the ride.” – Whisperin’ and Hollerin’

“The wonky, forty-three-minute collection by Roman Bezdyk leans towards the surreal and the fantastical though a few moments of sanity prevail too, even if they're often dashed aside by Bezdyk's phantasmagoric vision.” – Textura

Dollboy Meets Sone Institute...

'Perfect for Sunday mornings, cups of tea, toast.' - Futuresequence

'that old adage "small but perfectly formed" springs immediately to mind. Lovely stuff' - Boomkat

'A lovely little release that seems all the nicer for leaving you wanting more. Dream-like and disconcerting at the same time, this is what this pair are good at individually but combined have gained an extra edge' - Fluid Radio

'Its not a melodic, tuneful mish mash but it has a very endearing homely charm which will appeal to fans of Jim O' Rourke's more cut up bits, Fennesz etc.' - Norman Records